RacingTime Garage Beta Application Release + Whitelisting Info

It’s been 2 months since the Mystery Box Pre-sale, and the team has been remaining relatively silent during this period of time. We know that some of you racers might start to have questions in your heart: Is RacingTime still a thing? Have they just rugged us?

The answer is yes, RacingTime is definitely still a thing and no, we haven’t rugged. In fact, since the conclusion of our Pre-sale, there has been a ton of progress made in the back-stage and we are confident to say RacingTime looks more promising than it ever has been.

Today, we are excited to share with you the news that our garage app is already in its finishing stage, and the beta version will be released around the end of December.

sneakpeeking inside of the garage


  • Garage beta mobile app will be released around Dec 28-Dec 31 for Android users, and 2 weeks after for IOS users due to the App Store reviewing process.
  • All community members are welcomed to test the app regardless of your participation in the Pre-sale.
  • There will be a whitelisting process for the tester application (more on this below), and Pre-sale participants will be automatically whitelisted.
  • Tester Cars will be available within the app, meaning that even if you don’t currently hold RacingTime NFTs, you can still have the full garage experience.


Soon you will be able to download Garage beta application on If you are accessing the website with your mobile device, the page will look something like this:

Clicking on either iOS or Android will direct you to the respective downloading page

And if you are accessing the desktop version website, you will be shown a QR code that you can scan from your phone:

A QR code will show up after clicking on QR code Download

Beta Tester Whitelist

In order to prevent malicious and probably pointless “test farming”, we will introduce a simple whitelisting process for those who are interested in trying out our Garage App.

Starting from Dec 25 5pm UTC, you will be able to find a “whitelist-application” channel in RacingTime official discord. Post your FLOW address there in order to be whitelisted for Garage Beta App testing.

Please be aware that there will be a one FLOW address per discord account limit for whitelist application, and posting multiple address will result in your disqualification.

*Pre-sale participation is not required for whitelisting. All community members are welcomed to post their FLOW addresses and test the garage app.


Towards the end of December, all users will be able to register a RacingTime account on and link it with their FLOW address.

Those accounts that have a whitelisted address linked will be able to log in within the Garage App and users can start testing functions such as applying/removing gadgets, changing colors, adjusting performance stats with a tester car provided.

Bug Reports & Suggestions

It has always been our belief that community involvement is absolutely crucial in the process of making a good product, and we want to incentivize that. We encourage our community members to come and test out the application, and report any issues they encounter during the testing. Just know that any constructive reports or suggestions will be rewarded. More info on this soon.

What is on the horizon?

Expect the official launch of our Garage App around late January along with the single player mode game launch. We’ve also prepared a super cool official launch video that is going to drop right before the game launch.

The future is bright, racers!

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Next-Gen RAC gaming experience. Built with Passion. Powered by FLOW

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